doTerra: Essential Oils Class

Last month I was invited to an essentials oils class at the home of a work friend. He’s an independent consultant for the US brand, DoTerra. I was intrigued to find out more and it’s not every day you meet people who are into natural alternatives.

Laura Mvula in Cardiff

When Laura Mvula hit the stage, the excitement was unreal! The whole band walked onto the stage during a moment of complete darkness. ‘Overcome’ lit up the entire venue and hearing her voice blast across the speakers was exactly how I had pictured it.

Luna Organic Beauty Boutique | Cardiff Launch Night

We had a chance to speak with owner and founder of Luna Organics, Samantha. It was great to hear the story behind the skincare line and beauty boutique. She has such a passion for her industry, and it’s through the necessity of finding alternatives that her brand was born.

Waitrose Pure Beauty | Skin Care Review

I walked by the Waitrose Pure range which I’d spotted a few times before. I decided actually to pay it some mind this time. I noticed that all of the products had that handy percentage graphic, detailing how much of the product is natural or naturally derived. I then saw how cheap it was, and I felt a flutter of excitement in my belly.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

Guest post by Teri Rabaiotti  I am a messy person, I’d drive my mum bonkers as a kid with my messy room and would sometimes come home from school with the contents of my room in the back garden after she’d thrown them out of the window 😉 I have periods of neat-freak-ness much to…

Sadhguru in London | Live Event Review

Sadhguru isn’t trying to be the messiah; he’s not promoting religious beliefs or attempting to convert people to some profitable cult (which is what some ignorant journalists would have you believe) – he is just offering an alternative to living in anger, sadness, fear and disappointment. He is inspiring people to look inside themselves, to work on their ‘inner engineering’ – to get the most of this life we have been blessed with.

Why Channel 4’s ‘Plus Sized Wars’ Misses the Point

I don’t want to embrace or encourage my unhealthy issues with food but I also don’t want to demonise myself for having them in the first place. Did you catch the documentary on Channel 4 called Plus Size Wars this week? It left me sat uncomfortably on the fence. I’ve written a post for about my personal experiences…