Laura Mvula in Cardiff

When Laura Mvula hit the stage, the excitement was unreal! The whole band walked onto the stage during a moment of complete darkness. ‘Overcome’ lit up the entire venue and hearing her voice blast across the speakers was exactly how I had pictured it.

Prince, Forever in My Life

I woke up, startled. I thought Prince passing was a dream and felt a sigh of relief. My brain began to focus, and I came back to reality, only to discover it was true. Saddened, I fell back to sleep with a heavy heart.

I Matter, You Matter

When I was younger, I didn’t care what people thought. Then I went through a very long phase of being anxious, paranoid, insecure and hating every part of myself. I would hide away in my home, not get changed out of my PJs and was scared of social situations. I missed out on a lot….

Sadhguru in London | Live Event Review

Sadhguru isn’t trying to be the messiah; he’s not promoting religious beliefs or attempting to convert people to some profitable cult (which is what some ignorant journalists would have you believe) – he is just offering an alternative to living in anger, sadness, fear and disappointment. He is inspiring people to look inside themselves, to work on their ‘inner engineering’ – to get the most of this life we have been blessed with.

Music Monday : Instrumental Awakening (John Zorn)

I was sat having a think about any particular music I’ve been listening to this week that has spoken to me. I thought about what words had been said, their sentiments and the effect on my mood. I was having trouble thinking of words that have stuck out for this blog. I then slapped myself…

Music Monday: Future by Paramore

So this is the first edition of Music Monday on – It’s posts dedicated to encouraging words in songs or music that gives you a natural high, sets you up for the day and helps you with your positivity. It’s also a chance for musicians and artists to express there journey’s through music and the…

I’m Here

“I don’t need you to love me…” This is the opening line to the song, “I’m Here” from the musical adaptation of the iconic novel, The Color Purple. Acceptance is a double edged sword. It can be a warming and positive experience or it can be a judgemental and unnessasary pressure. We live in a world where it…

Interview: Kate London James

Plus size popularity is a hot topic and like any debate there are always opposing views. Instagram and blogging has really opened the doors for people to create their own online communities, to join together and to encourage each other. Plus size clothing is now big business and with Tess Munster, the first size 24…

I’ll Bring Back the Goods

As well as being creative myself, I find that surrounding myself with art is a helpful way to idenity feelings. Music is my vice for self expression but being a listener is also an extremely important part of the process for me. I have go to songs or artists for different moods and purposefully put…

Sadhguru Book Review | Don’t Polish Your Ignorance

I choose to do a Sadhguru book review as his words have been a comfort to me of late. I wanted to share that with others who may gain the same kind of help from reading it. So I decided to combine my first ever book review with my first ever YouTube video. I really enjoyed…