Are You Addicted to Coffee?

I already know so many people will relate to this post because we’re a nation of die-hard coffee drinkers.

I’d say my addiction to coffee began around seven or eight years ago. I was working in Topshop at the time and I realised that I was unable to start my day without dropping into Caffè Nero first. Since then it’s been a ritual and a very hard one to shake.

As I write this I’m staring down at a thick and creamy crema on top of my black coffee. It’s decaf though. A fact that my body will punish me for later, but I have to try and kick this habit.


The past few months I’ve cut out dairy, lamb, pork and lowered my intake of refined grains and sugars where possible. My cupboards are like a beacon of hope for my future health, but caffeine is the one thing I haven’t even entertained giving up.

Every health article I read or skincare video I watch tells me that caffeine is bad news for complexion and I’ve pretended not to hear it like some ignorant, stubborn fool.

Switching on my Nespresso machine in the morning and hearing the black coffee drip into my cup literally perks me up and sets me right for the rest of the day. The thought of waking up and leaving the house without a coffee is literally non-existent in my brain.

I once forgot to have a coffee (I don’t know how) and I had a migraine in the afternoon. Whenever I drink less or no coffee, this is what happens to me. Not only does it suck but it’s pretty sad that my body withdraws and provides me with physical ramifications. What am I doing?


I finally gave myself a talking to last night when I read about the links between caffeine and hormonal acne, which I now have in my 30s, thanks, mother nature. I told myself that the habitual morning brew isn’t worth the five boulders I now have adorning my chin.

But I’m not stupid. I’m not just going to pull the coffee stained rug from underneath myself. I don’t have time for migraines. So this week I’m only allowing myself one caffeinated drink per day. This includes tea, which I’ve been drinking a lot of at my mums recently.

Next week, I’m going in for the kill and giving it up. I’ll only drink decaf and herbal teas. I’ll also be doing a little more research on decaf because I don’t trust it for some reason. How do they make it decaf? the mind boggles.

Wish me luck!




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