Are You Addicted to Coffee?

As I write this I’m staring down at a thick and creamy crema on top of my black coffee. It’s decaf though. A fact that my body will punish me for later, but I have to try and kick this habit.

Focus on the Action, Not the Outcome

The future is unknown, but then such is life. I need to start realising that my time here on earth is a magnificent journey through hundreds and thousands of different emotions, decisions, experiences and possible outcomes.

Do You Respect Yourself?

When did I become this person? I think somewhere between punk rock and spirituality, I left pieces of my self respect scattered along my path of destruction. I used to stand up for myself, call others out on the their bullshit and hug my moral compass to sleep every night. Now, I mainly just worry until I can’t sleep and take the easy way out of situations so I don’t cause a scene or upset anyone.

Stop Worshipping Material Shit

Kylie Jenner brings out a lipstick and suddenly you’ve got 12 year girls pressuring their parents to buy a product which is worth a couple of pounds, at best.